dimanche 3 avril 2011

Himmapaan Niroot

Himmapaan Niroot sur Deviantart: 
Jeune illustrateur anglais d'origine thaïlandaise, vraiment très doué

The Red Fairy Book

 (516x698, 127Kb)
She set out

 (522x699, 129Kb)
The Twelve Dancing Princesses

 (500x699, 126Kb)
Binding: The Red Fairy Book

 (699x471, 60Kb)
Endpapers: The Red Fairy Book

 (579x699, 105Kb)

 (514x698, 86Kb)
The Master Thief

 (510x699, 112Kb)
Baba Yaga

 (538x698, 118Kb)
The Enchanted Pig

 (520x699, 78Kb)
The Hen

 (531x699, 47Kb)
The Little Good Mouse

 (515x699, 72Kb)
Graciosa and Percinet

 (543x699, 116Kb)
Kari Woodengown

 (529x698, 110Kb)
'I am going to the king...'

 (511x699, 48Kb)
'Good morning...

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Quatrain_48_by_Himmapaan (496x699, 107Kb)
Quatrain 48

 (507x699, 127Kb)
Rubaiyat Binding Design: Photo

 (492x698, 145Kb)
Rubaiyat Binding Design: Scan

The Musicians of Bremen

 (455x699, 60Kb)
Musicians of Bremen, Opening

 (699x507, 85Kb)
Musicians of Bremen: Rooster

 (699x509, 95Kb)
Musicians of Bremen: Nightfall

 (699x506, 73Kb)
Musicians of Bremen: Robbers

 (517x698, 66Kb)
Musicians of Bremen: Closing

 (700x460, 47Kb)
Musicians of Bremen: Tailpiece

Folio Austen
illustrations for Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice"

 (489x699, 193Kb)
'Part of my lace is gone...'

 (476x698, 119Kb)
'I am determined I will'

 (434x699, 46Kb)
Sir Walter Elliot

 (439x699, 96Kb)
Lady Russell and Anne Elliot

 (476x698, 94Kb)
Lady Dalrymple...

 (495x699, 104Kb)
Lizzy, Mr and Mrs Bennet:Update

 (495x699, 108Kb)
Miss Bingley and Lizzy

 (332x450, 32Kb)
Jane and Elizabeth

Other Personal or Unpublished Work

 (434x699, 87Kb)

 (482x699, 91Kb)
Self Portrait

 (508x699, 143Kb)
Perseus and Andromeda

 (496x699, 107Kb)
The Swineherd

 (700x520, 102Kb)
O zittre nicht

 (491x699, 52Kb)

 (700x492, 107Kb)
The Man and the Satyr

 (699x491, 115Kb)
Japanese Garden at Kew

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  1. Quelle délicatesse et quelle minutie dans le trait!
    Un monde qu'on rêverait d'explorer de l'intérieur du tableau...