dimanche 17 avril 2011

Judy Drew

Judy Drew, artiste peintre australienne née en 1951

The Red Floral Kimono
 (519x699, 307Kb)
Lilac Silk Gown
 (494x699, 105Kb)

Pink Satin Lapel
 (637x699, 143Kb)
Mother and Baby
 (495x699, 111Kb)
 (699x591, 118Kb)
The Gold Velvet Curtain
 (520x699, 102Kb)
Woman in Gold Satin Gown
 (508x640, 91Kb)
Last Drink
 (556x698, 64Kb)
Portrait with Patterned Background
 (490x698, 275Kb)
 (522x699, 353Kb)
The Embroidered Robe
 (514x699, 268Kb)
A Designing Woman
 (515x699, 284Kb)
The Red Velvet Gown
 (554x699, 352Kb)
The Black Rose
 (525x700, 257Kb)
The Tapestry Cushions
 (523x699, 308Kb)
Orange Striped Skirt
 (511x700, 342Kb)
A Modern Woman
 (496x699, 279Kb)
Woman in Purple Blouse
 (495x699, 270Kb)
Half Draped Nude in Black
 (517x699, 259Kb)
Golden Nude
 (598x699, 405Kb)
Young Woman in Yellow Blouse
 (583x699, 384Kb)
Wine and Roses
 (699x588, 337Kb)

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