samedi 2 avril 2011

Camera obscura....Indian Aristo Beauties

Maharajkumari Sita Devi of Kapurthala, Singh's maternal grandmother, in a silken gown and masses of diamonds, in the 1930s. Image courtesy of Hanut Singh.

Another portrait of Singh's paternal grandmother, Sita Devi (1915—2002), who was a daughter of the Raja of Kahipur. She married Maharajkumar Karimjit Singh of Kapurthala in 1928, when she was 13. The couple had two sons, one born in 1944, the other in 1947. Image courtesy of Hanut Singh.



Maharani Sita Devi

Princess Pretiva of Cooch Behar
Jind Kaur, last queen of the Punjab
Maharani Sita Devi

Maharani Brinda Devi
Maharani Bamba
Princess Nilofuer (she was turkish)
Maharajkumari Ourmilla Devi of Kapurthala wife of Lt. Col. Rajkumar Birendra Singh
Maharani Catherine, Bamba & Sophia Duleep Singh 



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